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Why I cannot see the price of products I want to buy directly?

MIMIRB2B.com is not the supplier, the prices are always changing so it's impossible to keep it daily up do date.

You may ask for a quote and the best price will come to you from the supplier directly.

You are not registered to mimirb2b.com

Is MIMIRB2B.com a supplier?

Please be advised that MIMIRB2B.com is a business to business (B2B) platform and not a supplier.

Can MIMIRB2B.com recommend specific products to me?

Please note: MIMIRB2B.com is not the supplier of the products displayed on MIMIRB2B.com. As an information platform, MIMIRB2B.com doesn't produce any products. The products listed on MIMIRB2B.com belong to the respective supplier members. But we do help you if you need any advice please send a request to our and we will contact you and help the best way we can.

Does MIMIRB2B.com provide a shipping service?

Currently, MIMIRB2B.com has a logistics service platform called MIMIR Logistics
Please note: this service is only available in some countries/regions.


If I don't have a business, can I still buy products from suppliers?

The majority of suppliers on MIMIRB2B.com are manufacturers and trading companies dealing with bulk orders. To match these suppliers, the preferred buyers are businesses. But if you don’t have a business and you want to purchase for personal deal, you are also welcome to purchase on Full Features List MIMIRB2B.com. if you will need help please contact our representative and they will help you in all your needs

Can I have more than one account?

Without MIMIRB2B.com’s approval, one user can only register one member account on our site.

Do I have to register an account if I want to purchase on MIMIRB2B.com?

Yes, you must be an MIMIRB2B.com member before contacting suppliers, making transactions, or doing other related activities on MIMIRB2B.com. To protect you from fraud and to enable us to deal with a dispute, in the event it occurs, we recommend making your first contact with the supplier through the MIMIRB2B.com platform instead of bypassing MIMIRB2B.com.

I source for personal use, and I don't have a business. What should I put in the Company Name field when I register?

You can fill in that field with your name.

Can I add two companies under one account?

No, you cannot submit information for two companies using one mimirb2b.com member account.

How can I modify my contact information?

To edit your contact information, please sign in to My MIMIR -> Account information -> edit account


What are Trade Alerts?

Trade Alerts are free updates on topics such as trending products, SPECIAL OFFERS - sent directly to your email inbox. They include information on:

You can choose the products you’re interested in and set your email preferences.
Popular Trends: Updated information on popular and fast growing products from your selected industries.
If you would like to subscribe, please click here.

How do I edit my Trade Alerts?

To edit your Trade Alerts:
1) Sign in to Account Settings in My MIMIR
2) Click "favorites"
3) Select the favorites you want to manage and click them

How do I subscribe to the latest selling information?

1. Sign in to Account Settings in My MIMIR
2. Go to products that are interesting for you. 
3. Click "add to favorites".
4.  Go to favorite "check in" the product you want to get alert for.
5. We will do all the rest.


How are suppliers recommended to buyers?

We recommend suppliers who match the requirements from buyers. Suppliers can enhance their chances of being recommended by doing the following:
    A. Complete their business information, including: personal photo, personal profile, company logo, company profile.
    B. Increase the overall response level from buyers. If suppliers receive more views or inquiries from buyers; this will positively affect their recommendation frequency.
    C. More interactive: reply inquiries timely, quote actively, exchange business cards via Connections, and establish business partnerships, all of which will be beneficial in enhancing
the chance to be recommended.

Are all suppliers verified on MIMIRB2B.com?

Currently, not all suppliers on MIMIRB2B.com are verified. Sum are and the rest is a possibility to do a check up on them.

What types of product and supplier certifications are available?

Suppliers and products are certified by different verification companies based on their industries.
it is highly recommended to ask for certifications.

What are the signs of the scammers?

1. Unauthorized brand products
Scammers often post numerous branded products (Apple, Samsung, etc for very low prices. If asked for legal documentation, they will either refuse or provide fake documents.
2.  Preference for less secure forms of payment
Scammers often refuse to accept Secure Payment - even if you offer to cover the transfer fee. They prefer Money Gram or T/T so that they can get the money directly.
3.  Extremely low prices
Their product prices are half that of physical stores – or even less. Such scammers also often promise to provide you with a ‘buy two get one free’ deal.
4.  Excessive contact information
Scammers do not like to deal online – they prefer to trade offline. Therefore, they often put their contact information (phone number, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) all over the site – in product names, product descriptions, product pictures and even their company names.

5.  Changing bank accounts and email addresses
Minutes after you receive a bank account from your supplier, you will get a new message from a similar email address (i.e. the supplier’s email is wendy@hotmail.com; the new email is vvendy@hotmail.com). In the new message, the scammer will explain that the original bank account is being upgraded and request that you send your payment to a new one. After you submit your payment, the scammer will not respond to your messages.
6.  Too many accounts with the same company name
If you find products posted on many different sites with more or less the same supplier name – and in each case the supplier is unverified – it may be a scammer. We suggest you avoid trading with such suppliers.

How do I know if a supplier is reliable?

The best way to reduce fraud when trading either online or offline, is for buyers and suppliers to conduct proper due-diligence before entering into any transaction. None of the suppliers on MIMIRB2B.com are guaranteed to be honest, so it is important to conduct proper research before commencing business. Tips on verifying your supplier:

1. Verify the supplier's identity.
you can refer to the 3rd party Check option LINK  You should also use other offline/online methods to verify the supplier.

2. Verify the supplier's manufacturing/trading capability.
You can also refer to the supplier’s Audit Reports (if available) for an independent report of their manufacturing/trading capability. Ask for the supplier's bank reference letters to verify their financial credit worthiness.

3. Confirm the supplier's authorized signatory.
Try to use Secure Payment, Trade Assurance or L/C.

4. Order a sample first to check the quality and to ensure that the product is what you are looking for.
If the product you are ordering is too large to get samples, we suggest asking the supplier’s previous customers for reference.

5. For some suppliers on mimirb2b.com, Secure Payment is available. This protects your payment until you have confirmed receipt of the goods. If available, always use this payment option for security. Always be cautious of using untraceable wire service transfers with suppliers you do not know. These are highly risky and susceptible to fraud.

What kinds of information does Onsite Check verify?

What are assessment reports?

Supplier assessment reports provide you with the knowledge to source with confidence and reduce risks

What kind of information is verified during the supplier assessment?

Types of verified information:


What is My Favorites?

My Favorites is a tool on MIMIRB2B.com that allows you to bookmark products that you are interested in. You can also send inquiries simultaneously in My Favorites. Manage products in your Favorites by adding/deleting tags.

How many products can I add in My Favorites?

You can add up to 1,000 products to My Favorites. If you have already reached the limit, you can delete old items.

Where can I see the product price?

Listing the product price is optional. However, Whether or not the price has been listed, please push the check price button and fill all the info that is needed to get the confirmed price.

How do I add a product to a folder in My Favorites?

Simply tick the product you want to add and click the "Add to favorites" button. Select the folder you want to add your product to and click "OK".


How does Inspection Service work?

ask for inspectors option in your quote we will filter inspectors by the location of inspection province, city, industry, inspection report language, inspector type and inspection type and send you the option you have and you can connect them.

Who can use Inspection Service?

All MIMIRB2B.com members can order services via Inspection Service request.

Why use MIMIRB2B.com's Inspection Service?

• Affordable & Reliable Inspectors 
MIMIRB2B.com will check every inspector's qualifications to confirm their authenticity and capabilities. In addition, we offer a wide price range from different types of inspectors to satisfy the specific inspection requirements of different buyers.
• Secure Online Payment
Secure Payment Service makes sure that your payment is held securely and released to the inspector only after you confirm satisfactory receipt of the inspection report.
• Inspection Quality Guaranteed
Every inspector is required to sign the Inspection Service Guarantee Agreement under which you receive compensation up to 20 times the inspection cost in the case of a false or faulty inspection.

How do I find an Inspection Service?

To find Inspection Services on MIMIRB2B.com:
1) Go to our Inspection platform at link inspection service
A list of Inspection Services and their contact details will be sent to you. For information including price, please contact the Inspection Service provider directly. You can send messages to Inspection Service providers by clicking Contact Inspector. You can also leave an offline message by using our instant messenger tool.

When do I need to pay the inspection fee?

You must pay the inspection fee in full via MIMIRB2B.com Secure Payment within 30 days of placing your order. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled.

Does MIMIRB2B.com charge any service fees for buyers using Inspection Service?

No, MIMIRB2B.com does not charge any fees. The buyer only needs to pay the inspection company